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Social Media Staffing Solutions

The Corporate Social Media team is business program lead by a corporate social strategist that achieves business goals using social tools by coordinating with multiple business units across the enterprise.

Wether your organisation is a Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced in Paid, Owned and Earned Media you’d need to invest in People, Process and Technology. Faced with these difficult Corporate Social Media spending decisions, iGo2 can provide the trained People (in Australia or out of our Social Media Command Centre in the Philippines) to support your organisation and help organisation define where spending on social business should be prioritised based on key areas for each maturity level.


The roles iGo2 can provide are:

Social Strategist: Leader and program manager, The program leader for social business, the strategist is responsible for overall vision and accountability towards investments.

Community Managers: Primarily outbound and customer-facing, this role is a trusted member of the community, serving as a liaison between the community and the brand.

Social Media Manager: This professional will have several projects with fixed stop dates to manage and ongoing programs.  This may include launching programs, managing campaigns, dealing with agencies, and keeping teams on timelines

Social Analyst: Using brand monitoring, social analytics, web analytics, and traditional marketing 1 tools, the social analyst is responsible for measurement and reporting across the entire program and for individual business units

Web Developer: The web developer typically already exists at the company, yet provides dedicated assistance to help plan, brand, configure, and integrate social technologies as stand- alone efforts, or into existing systems