iGo2 Board is a group of executives that have experienced many waves of technology innovation from client-server, to agile, to cloud, to SaaS…

However, key is not only have we experienced these waves of technology. We have helped numerous customers leverage them to improve their bottom line. So is Social Media and Social Technology an new wave?

The answer is NO! Our view is that it is a completely new business model and as with any new business model it is the new generation that will and are leveraging this new Social business model.

New business models imply cost to an organisation and it is the current generation that will have to pay for this new Social business model – Social isn’t free! So understanding the Social business model and related ROI must be on the agenda of every director/leader within organisations today.

The iGo2 founders bring a unique combination of practical leadership that will result in your success.

WIll Bosma has a knack of identifying and localising global technologies that allow disruptive new business models to be normalised through teams of experts. Antoine Houdaille understands the notion of implementing technologies through defined ITL and service management/governance practices. Andrew Goodlace brings a mature corporate governance and customer engagement models to both our customers and the iGo2 business. Michael Green (writing this post) has the Social vision and can apply that to both Customers and iGo2′s innovation. We are all experienced in MNC, Asia Pacific and senior leadership roles within the industry. Find attached a picture of our third board meeting.

Together with Greame Philipson (non-exec board member) and Abigail Thomas (non-exec board member) we are a formidable team of Social Technology vision, leadership, enablement, governance and most importantly ROI for you!