Your clients, brand influencers, partners and competitors are increasingly interested in using social media to do communications, marketing and sales initiatives. You need effective and quality services and tools to monitor, measure and understand what’s being said about your products and brands within blogs, social networks, microblogging services, forums, video sites, wikis and major news organizations. At iGo2 we call this Social Business Intelligence. Ultimately, you will want to move to realtime social business intelligence and be able to immediately respond to any conversation of relevance – as well as proactively manage all of your social presence.
To achieve these Social Business Intelligence outcomes you need Social Technologies and Services to help with crisis situations, reputation management and measurement, social media monitoring, assessing the effectiveness of communication strategies, and measuring the connection between press releases and news coverage with social media activity. Our Social Technology partners help you identify and engage with influential bloggers and key opinion makers online.

Sysomos provides public relations departments and agencies with a powerful set of analytic tools to access billions of conversations – both historical and real-time. At iGo2 we deliver the insight and intelligence that let public relations agencies leverage their expertise to provide clients with best-of-breed service, including valuable and actionable reports using Sysomos’ graphics and data. To quote Ron Ploof from ‘Read this First – An Executives Guide to New Media” – social data is a goldmine but if you don’t extract the gold its just a hill like any other.

With this iGo2 service, public relations departments and agencies can effectively measure the Five W’s: what, when, where, who and why.

iGo2′s Social Business Intelligence for Public Relations Service enables you to:

  • Manage reputation
  • Track reach and spread of your messages and press releases
  • Handle crisis situations
  • Continuously monitor conversations
  • Identify and reach out to key bloggers and influencers
  • Spot emerging trends, discussions themes and topics
  • Access detailed metrics for buzz, popularity, share-of-voice, comparisons
  • Measure sentiment and quantify impact
  • Apply your domain expertise for your clients, based on our data
  • Communicate directly with your target markets – the people with whom you wish to engage in a conversation unfettered by editorialisation