Like any change process it becomes very difficult if the change doesn’t come from within, from a willingness to accept that there are more effective and efficient ways of  reaching business outcomes. It is similar to the THINK -> DO -> GET paradigm I blogged about in relation to iGo2. In this blog post I explained about the process we went through in challenging our thinking in relation to Social Media’s impact on business.

A recent blog by Bruno Gebarski took me further down the importance of this journey from a human resources perspective. Bruno makes the assertion that human resources is at the heart of being a Social Business (i.e. THINK) because:


  1. HR to become the company’s cultural citadel and spokesman
  2. HR to proactively destroy company silos
  3. HR to clearly spell out company mission, vision and shared values
  4. HR to become the Enterprise Social Networks (Enterprise Social Networks) driving force

Performance management toemployee engagement will all be enabled ;through an open and transparent leadership paradigm. In Will Bosma’s blog post titled “Social Media Appeals to our 10 Most Basic Desires – Explains Addiction” he clearly positions that Social Business is all about people!


Enterprise Social Networks (ESN) is the glue (think of systems/processes/skills) that are going to make it work and deliver ROI. As we all know Social Media is “just a thing” like the internet was/is “just a thing” and it is what you do with that Social Media “thing” in your organisation that will add business value.

You should approach it strategically, or risk falling into what Jacob Morgan described here..:
Social Media is what happens when you take the business value out of collaboration.”


Your thoughts on HR and Social Media?