The Gartner Symposium ITXPO opening keynote address featured senior vice-president for research, Peter Sondergaard. He said company CEOs were not interested in risky spending and wanted IT solutions that saved or generated money.

“CEOs are looking to keep their balance sheets strong in these uncertain times,” he said. “You need to clearly show how you are going to get through cash-low and generate revenue. IT projects that reduce inventory levels, optimise pricing, improve debt recovery and increase sales are going to be viewed much more positively.”

Sondergaard claimed there were four major trends that will alter IT and drive substantial economic trends: cloud computing, social computing, context aware computing and pattern-based strategies. He said tech resellers would have to rethink their relationship with customers. “Each will be disruptive in its impact on IT,” he said. “Combined they’re an unimaginable force that will impact not just IT and the IT industry, but the capabilities of business and governments. “These four trends are diametrically opposite to the focus of IT”