So like I said on our FB page, we just started Social Media Assessments for 2 new customers, yay ! Below is a quick overview of the methodology we use, in conjunction with some tools, including Sysomos MAP, and others..


We utilise a four quadrant social media assessment model to understand:

  • Customer landscape
    = Your customers and prospects
    + places and spaces, people, challenges, sentiment, topics, influencers.. PEOPLE !
  • Brand
    = Your Company, Your teams, Your Brand
    + places and spaces, reflection, sentiment, teams, presence
  • Partners
    = Your alliances, partners, resellers
    + places and spaces, discussions & sentiment, influencers, activities, threat
  • Competition
    = Your competitors, their partners and their customers
    + places and spaces, topics, second degree ecosystem, discussions, sentiment, key individuals & influencers

When and only when all this is done can we do a Social SWOT Analysis

  • Based exclusively on Social Media Assessment
  • Not about how cool or how bad we are

And it is then time for Recommendations

  • Based purely on the Social SWOT analysis and the Social Media Assessment
  • Mixture of Strategic and Tactical recommendations
  • Some suggestions for possible programs

Next step(s) ?

Now we should better geared to start building a Social Media Strategy..

But it could also be that we found more to analyse based on the findings of a first round !

Want to learn how to do it this way, or simply prepare to work with us on this ?
There is great trainings for this that we run with the Social Media Academy

So much fun ^_^

Antoine H.