As you know, at iGo2 we believe it all starts with assessing the landscape, formulating a policy, building the strategy and then implementing responsibly – in that order [for your business, your competitors, your partners and staff].

There are many examples around policy. A good website to formulate ideas is 57 Social Media Policy Examples and Resources | Social Media Today

Not to denigrate the importance of a good policy, but I want to focus on strategy in this blog..

Once we have assessed this new landscape its time to put a strategy and plan in action to mobilise and take action on the results. Lets talk strategy first-up. Whether your organisation is an active social media business or dipping your toe in the water, taking the time to fully understand and build a well thought out and understood strategy is key.

Any social media strategy needs to be in alignment with the overall corporate strategy. Social media strategy can influence the overall corporate strategy – in particular when it comes to sales growth and customer management.

Additionally and more importantly, social media strategy needs to be in alignment with the needs of the customer.

So its important to create a strategy that everybody can understand and contribute to. Especially make sure the company execs are across the strategy, understand the plan and most importantly are educated in the strategy (read here at least ‘they get social media’). New business initiatives, social media, or not failing for lack of cross functional support in organisations.

Some basic steps following the assessment.

1. Educate the leadership team on the landscape (even the uncomfortable bits)

2. Define your strategy from a customer / partner / market relationship point of view

3. Base your objectives on the results of the assessment

4. Build a plan

Sounds pretty basic but yes it is basic good business to ensure that the leadership team are in support of or at least understand the strategy. Many great ideas and implementations fail because one member of the leadership team objects or even worse stalls the program.

More on the plan in my next blog.