Social Media – The business challenges remain the same – how do companies take advantage of new technologies, channels to market and game-changing evolutions, and still maintain results?

Is it best to be at the forefront leading the way or is it better to follow? With the advent of social media, it brings a whole new paradigm to businesses on how to interact, engage and improve the customer experience. So is it time to be relevant in Social Media circles as a business or does one wait for proven ROI?

Some would say that if you are not into Social Media then you are not in it. Othersadvise a more cautious approach, waiting for social media to prove it’s a good investment and delivering good returns then get into it. But most others are sticking their toe in the water and only tinkering with social media. Not really a good strategy for something almost game-changing is it? Additionally, there are numerous examples where a bad implementation of social media can really hurt businesses where it matters most – their customers. See what feedback

Nestle got recently when they tried control the use of their logo with a fairly innocuous FB reply (which incidently they probably had every right to do).

So what do businesses do today?

I think you have to be in it to win it. But, make sure you are ready first up. It’s no use being half-in. If the marketing department are engaging and listening to your customers but the sales team are not, don’t then be surprised if some damaging disconnect occurs. So, take a holistic and realistic approach to this new phenomenon. And, because the science is out that it is really game changing, take a structured approach to it, as you would for any new business initiative

At iGo2 we believe it all starts with assessing the landscape, formulating a policy, building the strategy and then implementing responsibly – in that order [for your business, your competitors, your partners and staff]

More on how and why in my next post.

Andrew G.