Listening is the most important thing happen your life and how you listen will make the major impact to change your life.

  • We listen to gain information
  • We listen to know who we are
  • We listen for us to Grow (and to accepts our faults)
  • We listen for us to learn

As what Doug Larson said “Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you’d have preferred to talk.

Here we can use Listen, Engage and Monitoring in understanding our brand or company. These three words are easy to say but hard to maintain. By listening you can understand your online reputation, every ideas or concern good or bad you can use it as a weapon for success.

People can talk anywhere, anytime and about anything, the challenge is your company is not only listening to their conversations, your competitors will also being listening for mentions of you as well as themselves. In my ongoing blogs I will talk more about engaging to what we can do with the gathered data and how we can use it for success and if we avoid it….the path to failure!

For this topic I have incorporated iGo2’s 5 W’s framework, by listening to your brand you need to know how to engage with your customers, potential customers and influencers of your brand. You need to be active in many ways when it comes to your brand. We all know Listening is not easy for a person (or brand or company) who’s not open minded and doesn’t accept their faults so think of all mentions positive or negative as a helping hand at shaping your company/brand into a consumer friendly business which equals a successful business.

Before we will start listening we must know:

  1. WHO they are, I segmented the who into groups Fans (people who love and or idolize you/brand), Customers and Influencers (an individual or organisation who gives direct impact and change the concept of the brand and make a decision). 
  2. WHAT are they saying is it positive comment or negative, if it’s negative about what? And engage to their conversation like giving compliments and saying simple sorry, congrats and Thanks to your customers can give your customers fulfillment.
  3. WHEN did the event happen, if it happened after, before or during you have a big event? For example, your company is Canon, you made a big sale or you release the new Canon DSLR camera, and there’s a conversation that tells a negative to your product and you didn’t notice it when it was posted, what effect did this or could this have? 
  4. WHERE did the conversation happen, is it addressed to your partners or directly at you/your brand. Did it occur in Youtude, Facebook or Twitter. Was the person in Hong Kong or Las Vegas?

The most important thing is WHY we are doing this, it simple for our customers satisfaction and the overall sentiment of ourselves online as more people fall in line with social media marketing the ripples of conversation reach far and wide because of audiences with audiences. Listening to them will give you idea what they are thinking, there needs, wants, likes, suggestions and thoughts, I will give an example for brand we research and listen to some of their customers.

All this can be done by using Social media Listening. Social media is not like a newspaper that you only get information from, you can engage it and leave your own views and replys. This new technology can give you information in near/real time happening of events and conversations.

In my next post I will take a simple view of Cannon to provide insights of the 5w’s.

Listening to the online mentions of your consumers will give you clue on what you need, what they need, what you need to do and especially what they thought about the product and/or services you provided.


Do you listen?

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written by : Jongi Jadraque

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