So you and I are using many ways and tools to communicate, and not only phone + fax + mail + email + website/blog, probably also Skype or equivalent, maybe some instant messaging solution, and there is our profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare, Flicker, Youtube and potentially more, and even other tools like Tungle and Plancast etc.

But, how do we communicate all those ways to get in touch and collaborate without A4 business cards and humongous email signatures ?

Well, there tools around that will come in handy, here are just a few examples:, very slick, let’s you create a page with your name, bio, a background image, offers links to the main social networks, displays your content, and has a dashboard with some statistics., also great looking, has more social networks ready to use and the page you create will display your content too. It will also provide good statistics, but for a fee., not as graphical as the above, but has the most impressive list of social networks and other means of communication listed, including phone and skype, lets you group things in different tabs, provides some stats, and is only one of a number of very innovative social tools these guys have created.

I use the latter mostly, because it’s simple and efficient, but think the most important is not the tool, it’s how we use it. Once you have your unique and relatively short URL (web address), you should:

- put in on your business card, avoids with many links cluttering it too ^_~

- include it in your email signature, maybe on top of your main ones

- use it every time you post or comment on a blog because it lets readers find you online, and also acts as a common stamp (ID) on all your publications (searchable)

- add it to all you social profiles as a way of linking to all the other ones

Now, which one do you use if any ?

And what other ways do you use it ?

Please comment away ^_^

Antoine H.