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iGo2 Group Pty Ltd
153 Walker Street, Level 8
North Sydney 2060
Phone 1300 546 744
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iGo2 team have an extensive experience in business in large corporations, and in the IT Industry. Our ability to understand the business drivers and business use cases of social business combined with our knowledge of the role of corporate IT places us in a unique position to provide a tailored solution.

Wherever we implement a social business strategy, there is an obvious significant challenge:  to translate the deployment of social technologies into transformational business outcomes in line with social business objectives. Because of our background in Business Processes we understand how IT can best position itself, and use its skills to assist the business users.

As a service-focused firm, we have partnership agreements with technology industry leaders. We are able to provide tailored solutions, choosing the most appropriate tool from a variety of technology platforms based on project needs.

iGo2 is aligned with technology partners in the Social Monitoring services space, Enterprise Social Networks, and a variety of partners offering other Social Technology solutions.