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Sysomos is redefining social media analytics with a powerful product suite that provides customers with the tools to measure, monitor, understand and engage with the social media landscape. Sysomos provides instant access to all social media conversations from blogs, social networks and micro-blogging services to forums, video sites and media sources.


Radian6 ( Marketing Cloud)

Radian6 enables organizations to become Socially Engaged Enterprises, with the power to understand and gain insights about social media through metrics, measurement, sentiment and analytics reporting. Our social media listening, tracking, monitoring and engagement tools allow organizations to successfully employ a social media strategy and understand the impact the Social Graph and Social CRM have on their success. Radian6 can also provide advice on how to use social media guidelines, best practices, case studies and training for your staff.


5 W’s of Business Intelligence

For Sysomos, the five Ws are a fundamental part of how we help companies get in-depth and comprehensive information and insight about what is happening within the social media eco-system. You’ve got lots of questions; Sysomos has the answers.

What are people talking about? What are the key conversations?
Monitor the conversations to see what is being said about your products and brands, and identify the major themes and issues being raised within the social media landscape.

When did these conversations happen? Was there a lot of activity?
Learn more about when these conversations happened – both historical and real-time. See, compare and contrast buzz generated over time.

Where did these conversations happen? Was there a lot of activity?
Access geo-demographic information to see where around the world conversations are taking place – right down to the country or city.

Who is doing the talking and what’s their influence?
Quickly identify the key influencers, and then get detailed information about their gender, age industry and interests.

Why are conversations happening? Are they positive or negative?
Discover why conversations are happening. See whether what’s talked about is positive, negative or neutral, and determine the impact on your business.