Last week in our blog post 5 W’s of Social Business Intelligence we explored “big data” and social business intelligence. Off-line we had a few questions asked by clients in relation to why Social Data streams were so beneficial to organisations and governments alike. In this post we put together a short overview of the 7 advantages of Social Business Intelligence and Social “big data” streams.

The 7 advantages of Social Business Intelligence

  1. Highly Responsive – you can collect, analyse and respond on any timescale
  2. Highly Specific – you can relate to very specific conversations
  3. Highly Predictive – conversations are leading indicators
  4. In Context – feedback is pure and customer generated, not contrived or derived
  5. Unique – access to brand, competitive, partner and customer information is unparalleled
  6. 360 Degree’s – can get a complete view of the customer, partner or competitor (not just in relation to your brand)
  7. Highly Scalable – access to ‘rivers’ of data and a data-set that can be global

….[Update 12/04] one more from our head of strategy #8. Social is about people and not transactions

What other advantages of “big data” and Social Business Intelligence do you see?

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