Okay you have to take the good with the bad and we had a fantastic uptake to our blog post – 7 Advantages for Social Business Intelligence. However, what is the Flip Side of the Coin? What are the challenges of big data and social business intelligence? We also noticed a recent blog by CIO.com about the concern and confusion big data causes.

We have tried to summarise the 8 challenges based on our experience with our clients. Yes, we managed to find 8 as our advantages have now also landed on 8 with the addition of “real people”…and that is a lucky number in Asia! Prosperity, wealth, and confidence, all these are represented by the number 8.

The Flip Side of the Coin lets the observer experience a completely new take on the Social Intelligence universe, by taking the roles of the social business analyst and fight against the forces of good with the purpose in an attempt to improve the relations between real people and the organisational eco system (see the Forrester blog titled Big Data Ain’t Worth Diddly Without Big Process).

The 8 Challenges of Social Data Streams?

  1. Noise to signal ratio is high – often difficult to extract the gold you are seeking
  2. The intelligence finds you – have to be very clear on what you are asking
  3. You manage what you measure – are you asking the right questions?
  4. Hard to determine what you should be asking
  5. Filtering out some of the content (because with so much big data it’s hard to remove every non relevant item automatically through limited search capability);
  6. Often re-tagging it because the tools just didn’t quite get it right. (this is particularly true in sentiment analysis where the tools struggle with nuance – with for example Australian ironic or sarcastic humour).
  7. It takes time, it takes experience and it takes some knowledge of the business, products and services if the social business intelligence services are sourced from organisations such as ours.
  8. We hear much about how social media is free and the basic analytics tools are free but we rarely see discussion on the effort involved in turning data into insight.

What other Challenges of “big data” and Social Business Intelligence do you see?

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