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Conversations are taking place today all over the social web that impact your business – whether you are a large commercial Enterprise, a government department responsible for executing policy and programs, a Small or Medium business trying to grow your business;  or a Not for Profit organisation perhaps trying to influence government policy.

Any and all of these organisations today must have a ‘Listening’ capability – the ability to ‘hear’ these conversations on the social web and in turn be able to analyse the resultant data to understand the impact of those conversations on sales, service, marketing, product development, policy formulation, policy execution and to understand the behavior and impact of customers, citizens, influencers and other conversations on your actions.

The social web and social media have a remarkable depth of information. It is possible to uncover detailed information on sentiment, demographics, locations, influencers, reach, amplification and more through the capturing and analysis of online conversations in social media.

And besides general analysis of social media conversations, it is possible to monitor specific competitors in business, or specific groups for government agencies. Indeed, it is possible to delve into a rich source of data to track movements in sentiment regarding specific topics, subjects or brands over time to understand whether your actions are influencing the conversations.

“If a conversation took place on the social web and you weren’t there to hear it did it really take place?”*

The Art and Innovation of Listening

It’s never been easier to hear what your citizens or consumers are saying about you or on subjects you are interested in.

iGo2 recommends all organisations begin with a full Social Media Assessment to understand exactly where the organisation is with respect to the social web. An assessment examines the past 12 months of activity with a focus on customers / constituents; competitors, partners and brand to deliver a detailed understanding of current sentiment, state of the social presence of the organisation and a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis of the organisation from a social media perspective. It also delivers a set of recommendations on how to better engage through social media for a more effective outcome in today’s connected world.

But we do understand that not everyone wants or is able to begin with a full Social Media assessment. However, the most basic requirement for any organisation today to begin utilizing the power of the social web is to ‘Listen’ – before the advent of social media we used to call this market research. But few organisations have the tools, skills or capacity to undertake a social media monitoring program without assistance.

iGo2 offers advanced social media monitoring solutions with a more in-depth perspective into not only what is being said, but by whom and how “connected” (or “influential”) that individual may be. Beyond that, the ability to customise the content behind a dashboard that offers more ability to create a unique ‘lens’ into how your organisation responds and tracks these pieces of content can be critical.

The sheer volume of regular people conversing on the social web is the other reason why a cohesive monitoring package is often needed. As more and more people leverage platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube , Forums,  Blogs and traditional electronic media  to publicly share their views, recommendations, opposition or experiences the more complicated responding becomes for businesses and government departments of every size that do not have the tools or experience to be able to monitor subjects intensely .

The opportunity to listen and leverage that information to your benefit has never been more available and more abundant.

Social Media Analytics Methodology

iGo2 is redefining social media analytics with a powerful service suite that provides customers with the services to measure, monitor, understand and engage with the social media landscape. iGo2 offers instant access to all social media conversations from blogs, social networks and micro-blogging services to forums, video sites and media sources.

Fundamentals of iGo2’s Social Listening Service


  1. Data Collection: Conversations happening within social and traditional media are continuously collected, and cleaned of spam. Essentially we can monitor all social sources of on line conversations except where a forum might be password protected
  2. Information Processing: Proprietary language processing and text analytics technology is applied to extract insights and intelligence.
  3. Data Analysis: Metrics and comparative trends focused on buzz, geo-demographics and sentiment are calculated.
  4. You: Collected insights and metrics are delivered via user friendly and intuitive reports.

Attributes of iGo2’s Social Listening Service

  • Real-Time: iGo2 rises above the crowd by providing users with up- to-the-minute search results from an extensive, constantly updated database.
  • Text Analytics: Using language analysis and data mining technology, iGo2 distills the key news, themes and issues, letting you drill down to the most relevant content.
  • Global & Multi-Lingual: iGo2 collects data from around the world, giving users the ability to quickly see the conversations taking place and where they are happening. But we can also focus on singular countries and provide some city level data where required.
  • Comparisons & Trends: Do comparisons against multiple searches across different geographies, languages and demographic groups.
  • Spam Free: To produce clean results, iGo2 uses a proprietary four-step spam- filtering process that keeps out the “noise” so search results are accurate and accessible.
  • Automated Sentiment: Using leading-edge machine-learning and advanced language technology, iGo2 identifies if conversations are positive, negative or neutral.
  • Geo-Demographics: See where social media activity is happening by country, state/province and city. Gain insight into the age, gender and profession of people driving the conversations.
  • Influencer Identification: Identify the people driving the conversations, and then engage with key influencers and opinion leaders to establish and build relationships.
  • Track Specific Targets such as the reach and authority of a particular Twitter handle – great if you really want to drill down into specifics

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Here is an example of a free Qantas Assessment:Social Media Monitoring Free Assessment

*Brian Solis