The saying “may you live in exciting times” has always resounded with me as I believe you/we make our own “exciting times”  and that opportunity is captured by the team around you.

To that point we have a fantastic team on board that I thought I’d take the opportunity to introduce:

  • Will Bosma (@willb) is our head of strategy and chairman of the board
  • Andrew Goodlace looks after everything legal and finance
  • Ailene Pecayo has been working with us for two years now in website and social channel design. Ailene in based in Philippines.
  • Walter Adamson (@adamson) has been working and representing us in Melbourne over the last year in successfully closing out the numerous client relationships. Walter is an equity owner in iGo2 and will be responsible for our Melbourne operation going forward.
  • Thys Basson is responsible for the Services delivery into our Enterprise Social Network clients as the Project Director.
  • Stefan Basson (@stefanbass0n) is our Enterprise Social Network Architect and is currently involved with numerous clients.
  • Renier Welgemoed comes to us with an impressive Technical Architecture and Development experience. Renier is focused on Enterprise Social Network Application Architecture.
  • Gerard Flood is Telligent experienced and will be focused on supporting the team in relation to the Telligent enterprise application.
  • Raz Chorev (@razchorev) has extensive social media marketing experience and is currently focused on delivering our services engagement into numerous clients. Raz is also looking at additional customer and market opportunities for @iGo2.
  • Scott Johnson has a few roles in @iGo2 in a) defining our client support and maintenance processes b) supporting our Social Media Monitoring c) Establishing our internal processes
  • Zoe Palmer & Darnelle Shiner (@brandchemistry) support our marketing and PR efforts
  • Carly Chant supports our financial governance processes
  • Sandra Ferraro supports us from a travel perspective
  • Antoine Houdaille (@ant0ineh) is our centre of technical excellence and Mr Social @iGo2

We only have the opportunity to build a great team through delivering Social Business excellence to our client’s and we are committed to aid our clients on the journey of Building Successful Social Enterprises.

Stay tuned for more updates from iGo2 as our board continues to invest in building our capability.





Mike Green – CEO and Founder