1. Role at iGo2

My primary role is to manage the finances and legal side of the business as well as business development. I was initially heavily involved in developing the name, brand and business establishment. The key strategic decision was to be more like a management consulting organisation with some solutions for those who want them rather a typical digital agency. We believe this puts us on the leading edge in some areas – which can be difficult when you are trying to build a business but is the right focus where we can deliver value to our clients.

So we have arrived at our four focus areas – Social Business Strategy, Social Business Intelligence, Social Enterprise Platforms (Communities), and Social Governance. We built out our partnerships and our offerings around these focus areas.

  2. Why Am I Here?

I was in a change period of my life, having just left Sun/Oracle and looking for something to do. Michael Green and I met through Linkedin and the rest they say is history. We formed a plan and set about starting iGo2. I have always had a gut feel on technology and new business waves, from mainframe rejuvenation (sorry yes I am from that era), through client-server, 4 GL, Object Orientation, Business Intelligence and so on… This was the first time however, that I could see that this was a fundamental business change in the way people purchase, make decisions and run their businesses (or would in the future). I want to be part of that.

3. How Did I get Here?

My career has spanned the full IT life-cycle, including start-ups, established IT vendors through to Consulting businesses. I was keen to be involved in a new start-up and Social Media seemed the wave to jump on. Gut has a lot to play in this field – you know it’s right… so you go for it.

4. Best Moments in the Business

I too think my most memorable first milestone was when the founders got together in a farm shed over a very long weekend of work; fueled by country air, huge steaks almost cooked on a BBQ and some small amount of alcohol and forged the framework for who we are and how we do business. Our wives still don’t believe how hard we worked that weekend but it remains the cornerstone of who we are.

5. Who Influences My Thinking in Social?

I am a fan of the founders of iGo2 and Axel Schultze is a legend in making the complicated seem simple. The business constructs haven’t changed, and won’t, but the route to market and market dynamics certainly will.

6. What about me outside iGo2?

I’m a family man and we love to be out on the boat skiing and enjoying the outdoors. I am a sport tragic and love watching and still playing, although old injuries have returned to bite my as I “mature – not get older!” Golf is my passion although I resign myself in telling myself that I’ll get back to it one day – the family life is too busy.

My wife and I have been married for 22 years and we have 4 children ranging from 6 to 17 – certainly a busy household but I wouldn’t change it.

Andrew G.

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