Twitter bursts at 44,000 Tweets on #NZQuake

Last night I received an email from a friend highlighting the state of the SUPPORT needed in NZ as a result of the #NZQuake. At iGo2 we evaluated the use of Twitter and Social Media to support the public and emergency services.

Find below the email from David in Christchurch.

From: David Buckingham
Sent: Tuesday, 22 February 2011 9:50 PM
To: matthew.tukaki
Subject: Your help needed: Christchurch Earthquake

Hi Matt,

The earthquakes here in Christchurch have taken a huge toll since September 4 last year. People have lost their homes, livelihoods and much of our cultural history through the damage of historic buildings.

But today the worst happened. We actually lost lives.

The names of the those who died are yet to be released, and yet, there will is unlikely a single person in Christchurch who will not be close to someone who has sustained some form of serious injury, loss of property, or lost their lives.

At only 350,000 people here in Christchurch, there is a maximum of two degrees of separation. For most people, it is really only a single degree of separation….. what this means is that my community has been shocked to the core. Loss of property I can handle, in fact, as a community we did handle. But losing so many people is unreal. This is a first world city. Things like this aren’t meant to happen here. But today, it did.

I am very lucky to be safe and well. My family is safe and well. My home is still in good order….

.. but many aren’t.

Tonight, as I write you this message at least 2,000 people are literally sleeping rough in Hagley Park. There are plenty of people without a home, who need support.

That is why I’m writing. I have never, ever written an e-mail asking for people to donate money. But today, I am.

I’m asking for you to do me a huge favor. Matt, could you please e-mail your entire list, forward them this e-mail, and ask them to donate whatever they can afford to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal? The link is here:

I greatly appreciate the support that the Australians have been providing, and would greatly appreciate your support.

Kind regards,


On 23rd February Twitter bursts at 44,000 Tweets.

** Note dates are reflected as US dates

The total tweet volume to 09h15 AEST on 23rd February was 68,463 tweets with a total impression of 77.3 million.

Obviously the conversations were focused around Christchurch with strongest links to donation, quake, earthquake and We looked at on twitter and clearly they created a valuable resource to people in the Social World.

Top twitter sources are listed below and clearly the leadership could be improved from a government or NGO perspective.

Youtube was also a mechanism to communicate through and some of the most recent videos are listed below.

Clearly the world can participate in the #NZQuake and muster resources and donations to support the relief effort.

What is really interesting is the exposure of 1 Tweet (i.e. the amount of people whom sent only 1 tweet were 71.74% of the Twitter Volume.

Please Donate here.