The Australian Government’s Carbon Emissions debate is warning up Twitter in Australia. The volume and conversations are intensifying. iGo2 had a quick look at who is fueling the debate on Twitter.

Twitter Activity Summary:

  • 2,149 Tweets
  • 3 million Twitter impressions
  • 81.65% Twitter users sent only one tweet
  • 31.14% of Tweets are re-Tweets (RT), 54.36% are regular tweets and 15.4% were twitter replies
  • 78 Tweets mention “Gillard” and 32 mention “Abbott”

Top 5 Most influential Tweeters on “Carbon Emissions”:

  1. (Alister Cameron)31-May-2011 05:01 AMIf everyone lived Kate Blanchett’s lifestyle, global carbon emissions would SOAR! Enough said for that hypocrisy.
  2. (SMH) 08-Apr-2011 10:42 AMWorld News: US, Europe carbon allies: LONDON: Europe’s struggling emissions trading scheme will link up wi…
  3. (The Australian) 01-Mar-2011 09:16 AMNations split on route to reduce carbon emissions: GLOBAL consensus is emerging around the goal of a less carbon… (statistics) 10-Feb-2011 17:17 PMNo slowdown in global carbon emissions: THE financial crisis failed to slow global carbon emissions growth as de… (statistics)
  4. (Dr Karl)09-Mar-2011 00:31 AM@aleks_convoy Volcanic Activity in a Really Big Year is less that 1/100 of 1% of Human Carbon Dioxide emissions. Karl
  5. (Sky News Australia)23-Mar-2011 16:28 PMCarbon programs failing – report – A new report says most govt programs designed to cut greenhouse emissions have si… 05-Dec-2010 19:33 PMSA to set carbon emissions limit – The South Australian govt is set to introduce a carbon emissions limit for new el…

The six month growth in Twitter volumes

What are the conversations all about?

Note: The thickness of the line indicates a stronger association between terms/words.

The Top 10 Tweeters on the “Carbon Emissions” subject

Note: Authority level for these tweeters is zero and above. So that implies everyone with no filtering by authority level.

Some of the latest Tweets

Notes to research:

  • Search Term – “carbon AND emissions”
  • Six month Australian data
  • Twitter data only
  • Tweet Time is reflected in Canadian time