In researching the ATM #Fail in Commonwealth Bank I quickly thought of comparing the four banks use of Twitter.

First I found ANZ Bank to be non-existant in Twitter (closest I came was ASX_ANZ). So who is right here ANZ Bank? If you’re not in the game you have no voice…worse others become your voice! Enough said….

The assumptions I used were:

  1. Twitter Data over the past last year
  2. Australian Data Sources only
  3. Examined @Westpac @NetBank and @NAB

Clearly @NAB (58.8%) has the greatest Share of Voice. Note that this analysis excluded UBank!

1) Share of Voice (percentage)

2) Share of Voice (Tweet Volume)

3) Share of Voice (Timeline)

@iGo2 uses a Social Media methodology to assess brands, customers, competitors, and partners. In so doing enabling corporations (and government) to apply SMART, Responsible and Integrated Social Media. This analysis is only a “toe in the water” and needs to be expanded accross the entire assessment methodology BEFORE strategy is applied.

We will examine the #CommBank #ATM Failure in our next post.