Social Technology represents an opportunity for all governments, business, NGO’s and organisations to build and engage with communities to enhance their product, service and relationship/trust over the long term. The founders of iGo2 have seen an opportunity to assist our customers implement processes, technology, and products which harness Social Media effectively and responsibly.

As with any new model our customers would need:
1) a team that understands the current state of business processes
2) a team that can architect a vision that leverages the future Social business model
3) a team that defines a strategy that overtime leverages the current state/processes and builds the future state through integrated and responsible social media
4) ….and most importantly understand the ROI of implementing a new Social business model

That is why we founded iGo2. Our diverse capabilities and experience will add significant value to any organisation considering Social Media as a channel.

iGo2 mission is to help you capture the power of Social Technology and use it to improve your bottom line.

We look forward to growing with you in your journey of adopting Social Processes and Technologies.