Today @Ant0ineH and @Adamson are attending #SitecoreSYM representing @iGo2 and our partnership with @Telligent

Clearly Social is the New SEO and the only thing constant in life is change!

Sitecore clients need to build strong brand experiences and deepen customer relationships

…and how is that done?

1. Make marketing to customers conversational and informative by mixing social media applications and Web content seamlessly within a website

2. Enhance the customer service experience while deflecting support calls and decreasing costs

3. Enable member relationships through networking, knowledge sharing and fundraising

Telligent Connect for Sitecore™ easily integrates Telligent Community and Sitecore by providing a full social community experience within a Sitecore-powered site.

Help your team build a website that matches a marketer’s vision for social customer engagement and support while satisfying the IT department’s demands.

By integrating interactive social features into your website, you build stronger relationships with your customers while strengthening your brand. Plus, the integration is upgrade-safe and provides Single Sign-on between Telligent Community and Sitecore, enabling seamless online social interactions.

Come see  @Ant0ineH and @Adamson at the #SitecoreSYM booth to experience the power of Social.