Less and less now days I get the question – “Social Media; why should I care?”

Well just looking at Twitter there are 175m reasons to care and our post on the #QLDFloods shows more interesting data.

I believe that the understanding od Social Media has really come of age in Australia.

The graphic below shows over the last year (data by Sysomos):

  1. An estimated 175 million tweets in Australia
  2. 5.1 million Australian Blog posts
  3. 4.5 million Australian News posts
  4. Participation it roughly equal at 37% across the 21-35yr and 36-50yr age demographic
  5. What is really interesting is the 63% participation of women!

This all means that organisations need to be practicing SMART, Integrated and Responsible Social Media. To do that you’d need a clear plan on why, how, what, and what else! Our association with the Social Media Academy is the best place to start to help you develop the skills required to be a leader in your organisation as it relates to delivering business outcomes (Value = Benefit – Cost)!

I end this post with a comment by Jeremiah Owyang…..

Companies Who Start With Implementation Are At Risk.
“In a frantic hurry to catch up with customers, companies often jump into social media without having a plan, which is a classic “leap before you look” approach.  Soon, they find they are unable to scale as more customer adopt the tools, and are not ready for a long term engagement with customers even around negative conversations.  While companies feel compelled join the conversation now to respond to customers, they should not throw out business planning. To avoid this predicament companies should step back and approach social business like any other business program: with a plan.” ……enter the iGo2Group and Social Media Academy!